Women Writers Project looking for collaborators

Project started in October 2016 at Northeastern University

The Women Writers Project at Northeastern University seeks collaborators for Intertextual Networks, a three-year, $290,000 project, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities and focusing on intertextuality in early women’s writing

Team to include faculty and graduate students

Starting in October 2016, the WWP will begin work on this collaborative research initiative to examine the citation and quotation practices of the authors represented in Women Writers Online (WWO) to explore and theorize the representation of intertextuality.

For more details and to submit a proposal, see: http://wwp.neu.edu/research/projects/intertextuality/index.html

Team & Goals

The Women Writers’ Project (WWP) will assemble a team that includes faculty, graduate students, and members of the WWP staff, representing a diverse set of perspectives and expertise. Each member of the collaborative group will pursue a personal research project engaging with materials from Women Writers Online, to be published in Women Writers in Context the WWP’s open-access publication series.

Collaborators might develop research articles, short exhibits, visualizations, experimental encodings, and other explorations of intertextuality. The team will also develop interface tools for exploring intertextual connections and patterns.