Utrecht university

Vacancy Scientific Programmer in Semantic Interoperability @ Utrecht University

The NWO-funded TimeCapsule project develops a context-aware search engine for historical research data. The specific application domain is history of pharmacy and medicinal plants (c. 1550-1850). TimeCapsule integrates ten disparate cultural heritage databases from which heterogeneous data can be retrieved in a unified manner. The core component for the interoperability is an ontology based on state-of-the-art semantic web technology. The project team is based at Utrecht University (Netherlands) and will consist of a young and dynamic group of 6 people. See www.timecapsule.nu for the full project description.

For this project we are looking for a Scientific Programmer in Semantic Interoperability for 1 year (0,5 – 0.7 FTE)

The main tasks are:

  • create a survey of data models/ontologies for historical research data
  • choose / develop the overarching data model/ontology for the heterogeneous data sources in the TimeCapsule project
  • investigate the data models of the resources provided by theparticipating institutes
  • managing/facilitating the integration of those resources with the ontology in co-operation with the participating institutes
  • testing the search and language technology tools of the industrypartners and open source alternatives

This job requires the following skills:

  • helicopter view of the semantic web landscape
  • strong modelling experience in OWL/SKOS/RDF
  • experience with data integration and data integration technology
  • strong scripting skills in python or equivalent language

Successful candidates should have a Master’s degree or hbo (polytechnics) degree in Computer Science.

The gross salary depends on qualifications and experience and ranges between € 2,313 and € 3,491 per month (based on full-time position) plus holiday and end-of-year bonus.

Interested? Contact Prof. Toine Pieters, t.pieters@uu.nl, or Dr. Frans Wiering, F.Wiering@uu.nl.