The Koninklijke Bibliotheek

The Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB) is the national library of the Netherlands. Ultimately the KB wants to offer a platform where people and information come together. Our most important task for the years to come is the development of a national digital library – together with our partners in the network.

In this respect Digital Scholarship is an important theme for the KB. We actively support and stimulate research with our digitized and born digital material and are always open to new initiatives to work together on Digital Scholarship projects. To meet researchers and encourage cooperation, we organise workshops, conferences and trainings.

Our Digital Scholarship research programs and services:

KB Data Services

Our collections are being digitised on a large scale. We publish books, periodicals, newspapers and other textual heritage freely accessible on the Delpher platform, full-text and searchable. A significant amount of content is also made available in bulk for research purposes. Datasets, consisting of digital texts, images and metadata, can be accessed through KB Data Services.

KB Research Lab

The KB Research Lab provides open-source software in combination with KB data. These tools have been developed in cooperation with researchers. Applications include N-gram viewers and software for Named Entity Recognition.

KB Fellowship

Each year, a renowned researcher is invited to become the KB/NIAS fellow and do research in KB collections with the help of our data experts. Of late, fellows have been Digital Humanities researchers. More information on our KB fellowship pages.


Our Researcher-in-residence programme enables young Digital Humanities researchers to develop new digital research tools with the help of our data experts. Any resulting software is made available in the KB Research Lab.

Digital Scholarship team

If you have any questions or requests, please contact our Digital Scholarship team


Dr. Steven Claeyssens

List of themes

  • Correcting, linking and enriching digital heritage data
  • Digital source criticism and tool criticism
  • Copyright

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