Digital Blackness & the Network Ecology. Decolonising DH

30 June 2017, University of Sussex

The Digital Blackness conference contributes and builds on a conversation that began within universities in the US in 2016, but orientates the debate from a Black-British perspective – centring the local context of UK communities, researchers, activists and artists; asking how the digital reshapes the meaning, performance, representation, and reception of Blackness in Britain as part of the wider on-going transnational digital exchange and negotiation.

Conference themes & formats

Journalism | Agency | Activism & Resistance | Automation & Algorithms | Transnational Digital Exchanges | Identity, Community & Digital Tribes | The Vector of Blackness | Social Media/New Media | Digital Publishing | Afro Futures | Digital Divide | Archives | Intellectual Property: Ownership, Servers, Content, Copyright | Digital Research Methods | Epistemologies in Digital Humanities | The Politics of Memes | Defining, Searching and Finding Blackness – Metadata | Writing Back | Empowerment | Representation | Aesthetics | Black Art & Music | Black Film | Black LGBTQ | Black Feminism | Black Nationalism | Digital History, Sociology, Art, Cultural Studies | Political Economy of Blackness Online | Health & Wellbeing | Justice & Crime | Business & Entrepreneurship |

In addition to academic papers, the organisers also  welcome  contributions  from digital activists and artists, and non­academic researchers, in the form of other innovative presentation styles (e.g. art installations, videos, augmentation etc.)

Practical details

Please forward abstract submissions of no more than 300 words to:

Please include your name, contact details and institutional affiliation if applicable­, and attach your abstract as a Word document to the email. Deadline for abstracts is 20 March 2017.

Organisers intend to publish selected papers as part of a journal special issue.

Further information on the conference website.

Picture credit: Image via Manzel Bowman | IG: @artxman |