As a collaborative ICT organisation for education and research in the Netherlands, SURF has several roles. As coordinator, it translates the most challenging needs of its member institutions in the area of networking, computing, and data into concrete services, which, as an integrator, it then develops and tests, together with leading companies and suppliers, and then delivers as an intelligent broker. As a supplier, it also provides a number of assets that have international standing, such as the the national supercomputer, large-scale data storage, and the high-performance optical network. In this way, researchers from the partners (universities, KNAW institutes) have access to the services provided by SURF via their institutions or institutes.

Digital Humanities Research Agenda

In addition to existing services, SURF sees the humanities and social sciences as important domains in which it aims to identify the e‐infrastructure requirements of the future, in collaboration with partners, projects, and CLARIAH. This discussion can be enriched by using the results from SURF’s innovation programmes – and also by providing inspiration for these programmes. Examples include Support4Research, Landelijk Coördinatiepunt Research Datamanagement (National Coordination Point for Data Research Management), Open access, and Open Science (Cloud).


For administrative information, contact Sandra Passchier

Central Themes

  • open science cloud
  • open access
  • research support (Support4Research) & training
  • research data management & data stewardship (including National Coordination Point for Data Management Research)
  • long-term data preservation services
  • data analysis services
  • interface with European e-infrastructures (including EUDAT, EGI, OpenAIRE, GEANT, PRACE)

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