Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (NISV) collects, digitizes, preserves and provides access to almost one million hours of audiovisual heritage and contextual media sources (such as program guides, production logs and pictures) for various groups of users. These groups include researchers, teachers and students in the humanities and social sciences.

Digital Humanities Research Agenda

As a national hub for audio-visual heritage, NISV has two appointed professors and works with researchers-in-residence. Also, the institute collaborates with scholars and collection owners from various disciplines in national and international research projects. With these scholars, the institute co-develops knowledge and technologies to improve access and meaningfully connect collections within and outside the archive. Its aim is to create the best access for scholars researching both historical and contemporary issues on  media in relation to society.

Digital Research Infrastructure As one of the national CLARIAH centres, NISV collaborates with Dutch universities, archives and data providers on building and hosting a sustainable digital research infrastructure for the arts and humanities. Based on the lessons of co-development, NISV develops and disseminates knowledge on the practices of digital humanities from a user-, curator- and technical development perspective.


Johan Oomen:

Eva Baaren:

Roeland Ordelman:

Central Themes

  • Data transparency and digital literacy
  • Integration of advanced audiovisual analysis tools
  • Governance of sustainability infrastructure
  • Interdisciplinarity, contextualisation and linking collections
  • Annotation
  • Intellectual property rights and privacy issues

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