Smiljana Antonijević and Ellysa Stern Cahoy, Penn State University. eHumanities Group - New trends in eHumanities

Smiljana Antonijević and Ellysa Stern Cahoy, Penn State University


January 17, 2013

Following  Workflow of a Digital Scholar

In this talk we present the initial findings of an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation-funded project currently underway at Penn State University. In the project, we explore digital scholarly workflow of the Penn State faculty across disciplines encompassing the sciences, humanities, and social sciences. The project explores scholars’ practices and needs related to information management at all stages of the research lifecycle.

The first research phase of our project includes a web-based survey, followed by face-to-face interviews, log-file analyses, and a set of focus groups.

The talk will present results of the web-based survey completed by over 300 Penn State faculty members during Fall, 2012, as well as preliminary analysis of ethnographic interviews conducted at the same period of time. The survey consisted of twenty-five questions, which, in addition to demographic information, included queries about data searching, storing, citing, sharing, and archiving practices, as well as about scholars’ experiences in using digital research tools and resources. The ethnographic interviews were designed to further explore faculty practices regarding digital workflow, including user challenges surrounding self-archiving and curation of personal information collections.

The talk harvests a comparative multidisciplinary perspective of our study in order to explore specificities of scholars’ digital workflow across the academic disciplines. This gives us a further opportunity to identify architecture that supports digital scholarship and facilitates the development of literacies for faculty personal information management needs. Therefore, while focusing on the survey and interview findings, the talk also highlights the future trajectory of our study, as well as planned next steps regarding educational and technological initiatives aimed at addressing management of scholarly workflow.

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Smiljana Antonijević is Assistant Professor of Culture and Technology at Roskilde University, and a Research Anthropologist at Penn State University. Her research focuses on topics such as affective computing (forthcoming, Palgrave); scholarly collaboration in virtual environments (MIT Press, 2012); digital humanities (Palgrave, 2012); information literacy (Wiley, 2011); trust in online interaction (Fondazione Rinascimento Digitale, 2009); digital fieldwork (Francis&Taylor, 2008). For more information see

Ellysa Stern Cahoy is an Education & Behavioral Sciences Librarian in the Penn State University Libraries, University Park.  She has conducted and published research on information literacy, evidence-based librarianship, and personal archiving.  She was recently awarded an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant to explore faculty’s personal scholarly archiving practices. Cahoy is past chair of the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) Information Literacy Competency Standards Committee and recently chaired the ACRL Information Literacy Competency Standards Review Task Force.