SERPENS workshop: Using Historical Newspapers for Research into Plant and Animal Species

Newspapers can be an important source for research into plant and animal species as they report on human-nature interactions. But searching in large newspaper collections is not as straightforward as it seems, a simple search query on a species name often results in a large number of irrelevant results. In Dutch for example, many surnames such as “Mr Wolf” may be retrieved, or figures of speech such as “as blind as a bat” (and bat can also have the meaning of a device used for striking the ball in sports such as baseball). The CLARIAH SERPENS project is aimed at developing computational solutions for these issues.

On 25 January, the project will organise a workshop presenting their first results as well as a hands-on and feedback session from the community. You are cordially invited to attend. More information and registration can be found on the CLARIAH webpage.

Please note that the event will be in Dutch.