Radboud University

Radboud University organizes its activities in Digital Humanities along its core themes of language, history, culture and literature studies. DH research at Radboud involves researchers from two institutes: the Centre for Language Studies (CLS) and the Centre for Historical, Cultural and Literature Studies (HLCS).

Digital Humanities at Radboud University

Digital humanities work at Radboud occurs in various interdisciplinary areas, such as corpus linguistics, historical linguistics, and variation (both synchronic and diachronic), historical text mining, socio-economic history and demography, search interfaces for art history, and computational approaches to narrative, usually involving researchers from across the two institutes. In these interdisciplinary collaborations, CLS offers expertise on language and speech technology and a long tradition in corpus linguistics, both driven by empirical and (big) data-driven methods, as well as linguistic expertise. HLCS harbours specific expertise on diverse topics such as economic, social and demographic history, and the history of the region.

Through the Humanities Lab and its Technical Group, the Faculty has created an infrastructure and support system to support computational requests and demands at the level of high-performance computing, programming, applying text analytics tools, developing databases, websites, and 3d modeling.

In the context of national and international collaborations in infrastructure programs (e.g. STEVIN, CLARIN, CLARIAH), Radboud University has made an explicit point of making the products of its technological developments freely available in the form of open-source software and services; some of these tools have been widely adopted (e.g. Frog for automated linguistic analysis of Dutch text; FoLiA XML for linguistic annotations).


Central contact person voor Radboud University:

Prof. dr. Antal van den Bosch
phone +31 24 361 16 47

Central Themes

  • Corpus Linguistics
  • Historical Linguistics
  • Historical Text Mining
  • Search interfaces for Art History

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