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Computational Humanities Programme

Four large projects in the field of ‘computational humanities have been selected on the basis of international peer review. All projects involve cooperation between researchers from at least two KNAW institutes and one or more universities.

Cultures of
eHumanities Projects

These projects explore what new developments in tools and methods mean for the ways in which those engaged in the humanities and social sciences conduct their research.


    RECODE stands for RECommendations for Open Access to Research Data in Europe

  • EINS

    Network of Excellence in InterNet Science (EINS) is a European Commission project funded under the Seventh Framework Programme


    Academic Careers Understood through Measurements and Norms (ACUMEN) is a major European research project

Projects Archive

Information Practices

The e-Humanities Group has worked with the Oxford Internet Institute and…


Alfalab is a joint project by five institutes of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW).

e-Research Ethics

The evergrowing sources of data and modes of scientific communication increase the diversity and complexity of ethical issues for researchers.

Knowledge Space Lab

Knowledge Space Lab project contributes to the new research area of “maps of science”.

Digital Scholarship

The Digital Scholarship initiative endeavors to increase access to scholarship.

Enhanced Publications

This project is designed to prepare websites for four scholarly books in various stages of completion.

Network Realism

Network Realism: making knowledge from images in digital infrastructures.