Postdoc in music cognition

Postdoc in Cognitive and Computational Musicology

1 fte (38 hours/week) for three years

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The postdoctoral researcher will take part in a collaborative research project cutting across the boundaries between music cognition and computer science. The project named COGITCH (COgnition Guided Interoperability beTween Collections of musical Heritage) was recently funded by NWO-CATCH and is an collaboration of the Utrecht University, University of Amsterdam, The Meertens Institute, Netherlands Public Broadcasting, and Sound & Vision. It aims to develop generic techniques for relating music from different Dutch music collections. In developing retrieval methods, we will take a top-down approach, working from musical knowledge and cognitive psychology towards the identification and processing of audio features. On-line annotations provided by listeners will support establishing the relationships between ‘hooks’ (perceptually salient musical patterns) and the music.

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