PhD defense, Retelling Stories by Folgert Karsdorp

12:30 on 6 December 2016, in de Senaatszaal Radboud Universiteit, Comeniuslaan 2, Nijmegen.

Retelling Stories: A Computational-Evolutionary Perspective


When deciding which version of a story to retell, we usually pick newer versions from famous authors that are frequently retold. In his dissertation, Retelling Stories: A Computational-Evolutionary Perspective, Folgert Karsdorp studied large collections of retellings of famous fairy tales (such as “Little Red Riding Hood”) to learn more about the factors that influence our storytelling. Thus, he sheds light on how we generally decide which versions we base our own iterations on, and how stories change or remain stable over time with each retelling.


  • Prof. dr. Antal van den Bosch,
  • Prof. dr. Franciska de Jong
  • Prof. dr. Theo Meder
  • Dr. Peter van Kranenburg

Folgert Karsdorp’s PhD was part of the ‘Tunes & Tales’ project, funded by the Computational Humanities programme of the KNAW.