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A Computational Turn in the Humanities? A Perspective from Science and Technology Studies

A Computational Turn in the Humanities?
Perspective from Science and Technology Studies

By Sally Wyatt of the eHumanities group, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

This article examines the implications of the use of computer-based tools and techniques within thehumanities, a phenomenon which has exhibited considerable growth and popularity over recent years.The first section provides some historical context for understanding these developments, and thesecond section assesses the meaning of these developments for the research practices of humanitiesscholars. The final section raises further questions and challenges facing those wishing to deployand promote ‘digital humanities’. The article is informed by insights and perspectives from anotherinterdisciplinary field, namely ‘science and technology studies’ (STS). STS is concerned with, amongother things, the material basis of knowledge production, and thus has much to offer to understanding the use of digital technologies within the humanities.

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The article is published in Journal of Siberian Federal University. Humanities & Social Sciences 2 (2016 9). Pages  517-524