Oil Spaces: The Global Petroleumscape in the Rotterdam/The Hague area

ASCA Cities Seminar Series

Mar. 23, 2018: Prof. Dr. Carola Hein (TU Delft): “Oil Spaces: The Global Petroleumscape in the Rotterdam/The Hague area”

Location: Belle van Zuylenzaal, UvA University Library (UB), Singel 425, Time: 3-5pm

In the 2017-2018 ASCA Cities seminar series we examine the city through the idea of entanglement. We will take up ‘entanglement’ in a broad sense to include ideas of spatial, temporal and ethical entanglement in forms of co-production, co-incidence and complicity, but we are also interested in forms of methodological entanglement. Taking our point of departure from recent discussions of ‘entanglement’ in relation to intra-agential realism (Barad 2007), we take this notion as signifying a concern with the ways in which terms of investigation are co-productive. What happens, we wonder, when instead of taking the city as a pre-existing, object of analysis, or object of ‘theory,’ we consider how it is co-produced in encounters with, for example, discourses around, race, gender, ability and ecology?

More information: http://www.cities.humanities.uva.nl/news/entangled-cities/