Preparing Enhanced Publications - new trends in ehumanities

Nick Jankowski, Anne Beaulieu, Clifford Tatum, VKS / KNAW e-Humanities Group


January 27, 2011

Preparing Enhanced Publications: Plans, Parameters, Reflections
The e-Humanities Group was recently awarded financial support to prepare Web sites for four traditionally (to be) published books as part of the ‘enhanced publication’ initiative of the SURFfoundation. In this presentation, participants in the project – Anne Beaulieu, Clifford Tatum and Nick Jankowski – describe the meaning of ‘enhanced publication’, and the parameters and plans of this relatively short-term project, which officially began on 19 January and lasts until May 31, 2011. The presentation concludes with examination of the enhancements of another recent publication, Atlas of Science: Visualizing What We Know (K. Börner, MIT Press, 2010), and notes some of the lingering and difficult challenges facing authors, editors and publishers interested in this form of scholarly communication.