New poster COST Action MP0801: Networks & Activities

COST is one of the longest-running European frameworks cooperation among scientists and researchers across Europe. So-called COST action’s run about 4 years in which grants are available for workshops and mutual visits. “Physics of Competition and Conflicts”was placed inside of the physics domain, but with a strong orientation towards problems outside of physics such as economic crisis, opinion formationin social networks, knowledge organization and science policy. In this poster both the scientific roots and activities of this scientific network are displayed. The COST action was chaired by Peter Richmond, 26 countries joined during its course.

Data gathering and preparation are done by Almila Akdag Salah, Albert Ali Salah, Giulia Rotundo and Andrea Scharnhorst.  The poster is designed by Almila Akdag Salah.

Please follow these links to find the poster and the timeline.