eHg- New Trends in eHumanities - new academic year

eHumanities group – New academic year kick-off event


September 17, 2015,  15.00-17.00 hrs. with drinks after at the eHumanities group.

To start the year, many of the researchers associated with the eHumanities Group will provide an update of their projects, as they enter their final year. We will have a full programme, featuring four projects (see below, each with 30 minutes). At the end of the afternoon, Arjan van Hessen will provide an update about the CLARIAH infrastructure. At the end of the presentations, you are welcome to join us for drinks.

The Riddle of Literary Quality. Andreas van Cranenburgh, Corina Koolen & Kim Jautze will show some results from the National Reader Survey, related to suspense and literary novels; and will show how topic modelling can be used to say something about gender preferences, genre and perceived literary quality.

Elite Network Shifts during regime change. Early work from this project resulted in a new method to identify political elites from digitised newspapers. Jacqueline Hicks, Ridho Reinanda and Vincent Traag are currently exploring ways to construct and analyse a knowledge base on political elites and are looking into ways that digital techniques can uncover bias in the media.

Tunes & Tales, Modeling Oral Transmission. Melodic and narrative progressions.
Over the past year, Berit Janssen, Folgert Karsdorp & Peter van Kranenburg have developed various techniques to computationally analyse (dis)similarity between variants of narratives and melodies. They will introduce these methods, and explain how the methods helped them to gain insights on change and stability in tunes and tales.

CEDAR, Dutch census data in a web of global cultural and historic information. Ashkan Ashkpour will talk about the accountable and flexible approach the project team has taken to harmonization of the Local Division Tables, 1859-1920, showing the different steps taken, resulting in longitudinal (historical) census tables. Albert Meroño Peñuela will focus on the quality of the results. He will describe the various methods they have developed to check and improve the quality of integrated collections of statistical data using web technology.