National Demographic Research Institute of the Netherlands

NIDI is the national demographic research institute of the Netherlands. Our research focus is the life course and lives in contexts. Long historical time series are important for this type of research. The way we organize our lives has changed over time, and the historical context of these changes is an important factor to understand these long term changes.

Mission and Strategy

NIDI’s mission is to conduct high-quality scientific research on population issues (our core activity) and to disseminate and enhance the use of demographic knowledge to stakeholders in academia, policy and society at large. We build and maintain a knowledge infrastructure for population issues to address the challenges that demographic developments pose to individuals and society. Population growth and decline, mobility and population distribution, population ageing and population diversity, life course dynamics, intergenerational relations, and health and longevity are but a few of the dimensions of the ever-changing landscape of population issues which make up the population challenge.

Demographic research is needed to address this challenge and to study population trends and their impacts on economic development, the environment, social networks, social cohesion, health and care systems, retirement and social security issues, family life and wellbeing.


Leo van Wissen

List of themes

  • Constructing life courses
  • Historical time series

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