Authenticity, Authority and Cultural Heritage: The Challenge of Digital Data - New Trends in eHumanities

Martijn Stevens et al


March 17, 2011

Authenticity, Authority and Cultural Heritage: The Challenge of Digital Data
Information and communication technology transforms our cultural knowledge and the way we relate ourselves to our cultural heritage. Museums and other cultural heritage institutions are in the midst of this transformation. Rather than being passive respondents to the demands of the information age, cultural heritage institutions are key actors in the transition towards the information society. As such they have to rethink their methods and practices as knowledge keepers, producers, and disseminators, in relation to their more traditional task of preserving, collecting, and exhibiting collections. New models of presentation, communication, and participation, need to be experimented with, making use of new media inside and outside the institution’s walls, to achieve whatever goal the institution sets itself. The transformative role played by cultural heritage institutions thus also changes the institution itself, asking for new concepts and epistemologies that are able to account for that change. This session (co-organized by Dr. Chiel van den Akker and Prof.dr. Susan Legene) explores these diverse and pressing issues from both a theoretical and a practical perspective. The research meeting will consist of four short papers:
• Dr. Martijn Stevens (Radboud University): Presence through Absence: Towards a Tactile Perspective on Digital Museums
• Johan Oomen (Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision): Authenticity and trust in a Cultural Heritage Wiki Platform
• Dr. Anne Beaulieu & Dr. Sarah de Rijcke: Networked knowledge and epistemic authority in the development of virtual museums: Who is entitled to know?
• Dr. Chiel van den Akker (VU): On Future Origin.