Digital Archiving at the Meertens Institute - New Trends in eHumanities

Junte Zhang, Meertens Institute


November 1, 2012

Digital Archiving at the Meertens Institute

The Meertens Institute is also a memory institution, where records are digitally preserved and curated. This talk will give an overview of the different types of  records currently digitally curated at the Meertens Institute. We highlight our recent projects, such as the Sailing Letters project, where we use crowd sourcing to transcribe centuries-old handwritten letters, or the Radical Political Representation project, where we crowd source the analysis of political cartoons. These are all exemplary Digital Humanities cases, and we show our approach to the digital archiving of these materials, from creation to (re-)use.


Junte Zhang obtained his doctorate in September 2011 at the University of Amsterdam on his PhD thesis “System Evaluation of Archival Description and Access,” in which he designed, evaluated and looked at the use of archival search engines for finding aids in the standard Encoded Archival Description (EAD). He is a specialist in Digital Libraries, particularly on using metadata or digital finding aids for vertical search engines. Currently, he works on advanced search technology at the Technical Development department of the Meertens Institute.

(Presentation slides)