Connecting space and time

Hella Hollander, DANS-KNAW


April 7, 2016. 15.00 – 17.00 hrs. at the eHumanities group


Connecting space and time

The web of archaeological data that is being created by the integration of European archaeological research data is stimulating new generations of researchers ready to exploit the digital data collections. In the Netherlands, DANS established the national e-depot for Dutch archaeology and has taken a lead role in the preservation and dissemination of excavation archives.

Within ARIADNE the Getty Art and Architecture Thesaurus (AAT) is used as a central hub to make vocabulary mappings possible and cross search archaeological data from different European countries. To visualize and link temporal metadata across borders translations of metadata to a gazetteer of period definitions called Period0 were done.

This paper will highlight the issues surrounding digital preservation and access and discuss the role of EU projects like ARIADNE, CARARE (Europeana) and PARTHENOS.



Drs. Hella Hollander (The Netherlands) is an archaeologist and the coordinator of the e-depot for Dutch at Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS). As project manager she works on international collaboration: ARIADNE aims to set up an archaeological European infrastructure and Parthenos empowers digital research in archaeology and other related fields across the humanities

Recently she became head Data Archive within DANS