korsakow- New Trends in eHumanities

Florian Thalhofer, Berlin-based Artist: documentary filmmaker and the inventor of Korsakow


September 10, 2015. 15.00- 17.00 at the eHumanities group

Make the story lie less – by creating flexible films

The words we use shape the way we see. Just like in our everyday language, the language of film – its logic, its way of making sense of the things in front of the camera – shape the way we make sense of the things around us. The logic of films turns everything into a story. A friend told me recently, ‘Everything is a story!’ But I disagree: we turn everything into a story. Stories promote linear causal thinking, which is often not very helpful to get the bigger picture. As a result we focus on curing symptoms and not causes. You can see this in pretty much every political discussion we currently face.

Florian Thalhofer has invented a software called “Korsakow” that allows authors to create flexible films. This software is used by students and filmmakers all over the world. Thalhofer has used Korsakow (almost exclusively) for his own work. He will talk about his findings.


Florian Thalhofer is a media-artist and documentary-maker and founder of the Korsakow Institut. He is the inventor of the Korsakow-System and the chief-architect of the Korsakow-software.

Thalhofer started in 1997 to tell stories via computer. That led him to the development of the Korsakow-System, a software and a principle for a new way of structuring narrations. These narrations are rule-based, non-linear and (usually) interactive. Thalhofer made numerous Korsakow-films and one linear film. He taught at the University of the Arts, Berlin at DFFB and at Deutsches Literatur Institut, Leipzig and gave talks and lectures on every continent except Australia.