Event Working Group

The Event Working Group will run until the end of December 2017.

Contact Lora Aroyo, VU University, if you would like to get involved.


The focus of the Event Working Group is on the online collections involved in cultural heritage and creative industries:

  1. How can we support the process of enriching these collections with the notion of events?
  2. How can such collections be used to facilitate explorations for research question in humanities and social science fields, such as history, media studies, digital culture, and journalism?


The mission of the Events Working Group is to build an active community and a pragmatic platform to:

  1. work towards a roadmap for achieving long-term research excellence and develop open standards that extend the Web to allow societal impact of events-enriched online collections in the era of big data and smart culture;
  2. identify research and application priorities, e.g. getting social consensus processes set up, get practical standards and protocols in place, getting the infrastructure there were it needs to be, look at things from a national and international perspective, etc.