Europeana Recommendations for Research

New recommendations for greater openness and reuse of Europe’s digital cultural heritage in research

This follows the workshop held under the Dutch Presidency of the EU at the KB, National Library of the Netherlands, in April 2016 in which the policy challenges and opportunities of using digital heritage were explored. The Recommendations reflect the valuable contribution of all who participated.

Recommendations cover three areas

  1. More Digitisation (of cultural heritage content)
  2. Copyright Reform (to make the best use of the public investment in digitization)
  3. Advocacy on benefits of Digital Humanities Research for Society

Europeana calls upon researchers, cultural institutions and policy makers to work together at both the national and European level to be more coordinated in these key areas in order to realise the full  impact of our cultural heritage for Research.

Click here to view the interactive recommendations for action.


Call to Action

Opening up cultural heritage reaches far beyond the culture sector itself. Contributing towards Europe’s social and economic growth, enriching education and empowering researchers to make the connections that will benefit society.

We have seen barriers come down in the world of Science with the Council’s Conclusions of May 2016 on ‘The transition towards an Open Science system’ requiring all scientific articles to be made freely accessible. We would like to see the same for Culture.