eScience open call for converging sciences

The Netherlands eScience Center announces Open Call for Converging Sciences:
The Netherlands eScience Center (NLeSC) is announcing a project call to promote and facilitate cross-fertilization between disparate disciplines by facilitating the transfer of proven technologies from one domain to solve “Big Data” challenges in other scientific domains. In this context, Big Data is defined as the scientific challenge of dealing with the increasing scale of data generation (volume), but also the equally complex challenges of dealing with the increasing speed of data generation (velocity) and the need to manage massively heterogeneous datasets (variety).

NLeSC is a joint initiative of SURF and NWO and has been operational since July 2011. NLeSC has an annual budget of €6M and collaborates with scientific research groups from both academia and industry to conduct funded projects in the natural sciences, humanities and social sciences, balancing short-term eScience results and the development of a longer-term eScience strategy. The most important component of the NLeSC strategy revolves around the funding of collaborative research following a peer reviewed call procedure with the objective to change scientific practice by enabling large-scale “Big Data” analysis across multiple disciplines by:

  • optimizing scientific discovery in the era of “big-data”;
  • stimulating new ways to do science only possible using advanced computing;
  • challenging traditional research by creative & innovative use of eScience & other computer-based methods;
  • pioneering new techniques needed to explore & connect relevant (massive) datasets.

Successful project applications can be funded to a maximum of €500K and is open to researchers from any Dutch university or research institute which is affiliated with NWO or KNAW.

Details of the open project call can be found at:

About The Netherlands eScience Center

The Netherlands eScience Center (NLeSC) supports and reinforces multidisciplinary and data-intensive research through creative and innovative use of ICT in all its manifestations. To stimulate this enhanced Science (eScience) NLeSC works as a network organisation focused on collaboration, with the aim to change scientific practice by making large-scale data analysis possible across multiple disciplines.

NLeSC stimulates creative data-driven research across all scientific disciplines by developing and applying enabling eScience tools and promoting knowledge-based collaboration between cross-disciplinary researchers.

The establishment of the National eScience Centre is an important step towards the goal of the Dutch government to coordinate data-intensive research in the Netherlands. SURF, the Dutch higher education and research partnership for ICT- and NWO – the country’s principal science funding body – have combined their expertise to realise this goal by founding NLeSC and therefore creating an effective bridge between science and ICT.