Erasmus University Rotterdam

The Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) aims to contribute to eHumanities.NL through the research activities in a number of ongoing initiatives, among which several so-called REI-projects (EUR-funding for research excellence) and projects funded with LDE grants (for collaboration with Leiden and Delft).

They cover a range of topics and methodological frameworks.

Objectives for Digital SSH

An important potential benefit or EUR would be the reinforcement of the orientation on multidisciplinary research. The strong focus on multidisciplinarity in eHumanities.NL can help EUR groups to find additional inspiration for designing projects that cross disciplinary boundaries and to identify potential allies.

The objectives include the development of new methodological frameworks for the integration of the quantitative and qualitative analysis of social data types (including text and audio).

Another important potential benefit for EUR would be collaboration in the development of models for training the next generation of SSH students in ‘digital research methods’,

Several researchers (from the faculties ESHCC, FSW and RSM) have indicated to see ample opportunities for the development of valorisation activities related to the eH.NL research agenda.


Prof.dr. F.M.G. de Jong  (Franciska) – director Erasmus Studio, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Postbus 1738,
gebouw M06-35,
3000DR Rotterdam

phone: +31651998450

Relevant ongoing larger-scale initiatives

Name Funding Thematic link with eH.NL EUR units involved
Transformations in production and consumption of media REI digital research methods ESHCC
War! Popular culture and European heritage of major armed conflicts REI the representation of history in games;   the use and perception of online testimonies on war experiences ESHCC, Erasmus Studio
Sport and national identity (ESHCC, FSW) REI structured data for research into migration ESHCC, FSW
Depoliticization and the public interest REI impact of socio-technical infrastructures FSW, ESHCC, FW, ESL
Bold Cities LDE social media analysis for tracking social behaviour in urban contexts FSW, RSM, Erasmus Center for Data Science and Business Analytics, Erasmus Studio
Courses offered by the Erasmus Graduate School EGS training in the use of digital research methods EGS, RSM, Erasmus Studio
DARIAH Teach Erasmus+ open access courseware development for Digital Humanities ESHCC
Erasmus Center for Data Science and Business Analytics EUR text mining and social media analysis for the domain of business and finance RSM, ESE
Erasmus Studio for e-research EUR Infrastructure, digital research methods ESHCC, FSW, RSM, ESE

List of themes

  • Text mining in the domain of finance
  • Urban data analysis (from historical data to social media)
  • Access technology for online interviews
  • Social network analysis
  • Geographical information analysis for historical purposes
  • Integration of quantitative and qualitative frameworks for social data science
  • Training is the use of digital research methods

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