Enhancing Scholarly Publications – new video

Enhancement of scholarly publications takes many forms. In this project, prepared by the Dutch KNAW e-Humanities Group, four traditionally published and printed monographs were prepared for a Web-based environment. This online environment allows for interlinking between components of the books — between chapters, references, concepts.

Called Semantic WordPress for Digital Scholarship, or Semantic WORDS, this project combines features of the Semantic Web with the accessibility and user-friendliness of the WordPress content management platform. This platform allows editors and authors to easily input and revise components of publications. It also allows integration of informal scholarly communication via blogs with the more formal presentations of academic publications.

The result of this approach to enhancement of scholarly publications is a collaboratively-produced Web environment that facilitates readers to make connections between the four conventionally-prepared scholarly publications.

More information: http://www.surffoundation.nl/enhancedpublications

Other URLs related to enhanced publications as related to SURF.

SURF – Short information films about Enhanced Publications

Video Link – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_KJTsr1fys

Semantic WORDS plugins – http://ep-books.ehumanities.nl/the-plugins