Enhanced Publications: Getting Started

This is the first posting on hybrid publications that is part of the SURFfoundation tender on ‘enhanced publications’. Four researchers associated with the KNAW e-Humanities Group are involved in this project: Nick Jankowski, Anne Beaulieu, Andrea Scharnhorst, and Clifford Tatum; see our professional profiles elsewhere on this site. Under the Enhanced Publications tab at the top of the page is a short description of the project and a slightly edited version of the full proposal approved for funding. n brief, this project is designed to construct websites to complement four scholarly books in various stages of completion. One book has already been published (e-Research: Transformation of Scholarly Practice), the manuscripts of two others (Virtual Knowledge and The Long History of New Media) have been submitted to the publishers, and the fourth, Digital Media, is still being prepared and is scheduled for inclusion in the Polity Press series Digital Media and Society. This means that construction of the websites accompany these books will be staggered, helping us to learn from the experiences in preparing the sites and to incorporate those lessons in the preparation of subsequent sites.

One of the special features of this project is development of an overarching database containing the ‘objects’ of each book, allowing for cross-searching and linking. Although mainly illustrative in nature, we hope this aspect of the project will show the considerable ‘added value’ available to both publishers and scholars with such a portal.

We will be posting materials to this blog and placing them elsewhere on this site during the course of the project, which began in early January 2011 and will conclude with a presentation on 14 June 2011 involving all of the enhanced publication projects that are part of the SURFfoundation tender. Regarding presentations, we’ve held two so far (more are planned) and the slides accompanying those events can be found at the tab Enhanced Publications.

We welcome reactions to the postings on this blog and to the overall project. Once the book websites take shape, we’ll announce them and invite reactions.