Enhanced publication: from experiment to practice

Researchers at universities and research institutions in the Netherlands recently gained experience with enhancing publications during six projects financed by SURFfoundation. One of the projects was prepared by four members of the eHumanities Group: Nick Jankowski, Andrea Scharnhorst, Clifford Tatum and Zuotian Tatum. A video describes this and the other five SURF projects, Enhanced Publications: from experiment to practice

Five disciplines are represented in the projects:

Jankowski is enthusiastic about the possibilities opened up by enhanced publications: “They provide the opportunity for new insights, new knowledge, and for sharing the knowledge with other scholars and a wider public.” The four eHumanities Group researchers prepared a paper about the project for the Public Knowledge Project conference 2011 held in Berlin in late September.

Further information on this eHumanities Group Enhanced Publications Project is available at the Digital Scholarship website.