ICT and Ancients Literary Texts - New Trends in eHumanitiies

Eep Talstra, Free University Amsterdam, VU, W. T. van Peursen, Leiden Univ., Janet Dyk, VU, Oliver Glanz, Reinout Oosting, VU


June 9, 2011

ICT and Ancients Literary Texts
We are building databases of ancient biblical texts to facilitate the study of their languages, their literary structure and the effects of historical change during centuries of copying and transmission. In several ways the construction of text databases is at the same time also research in linguistics and literary compositions. We will describe our investigation of Hebrew and Syriac morphological and syntactic analysis; the research in verbal valence patterns and our attempts to do participant analysis and participant tracking of these texts. The special challenge of working with ancient texts is the interaction of linguistic system, literary composition and the disturbing effects of textual transmission.