Susan Schreibman on Digital Humanities, Social Engagement & the Archive

27 September 2016, Leiden University
followed by PhD defense of Peter Verhaar

Two events in Leiden on 27 September 2016:

Susan Schriebman will give a lecture about the digital humanities at Leiden University, at 12 noon

At 13.45, Peter Verhaar will defend his PhD on algorithmic criticism.

Susan Schreibman

‘The ‘we will build it so they’ll come’ approach to audience engagement with digital humanities tools and projects is long over. As a philosophic approach, it rarely worked. Rather, developers of successful DH projects work at audience engagement and retention. The idea of using crowdsourcing as a means to get some of the more difficult-to-automate aspects of project workflow completed has become popular in recent years. Yet, a recent workshop of a wide cross-section of these projects at DH2016 revealed a generally low success rate. Rather than think of audiences as ready made to do our drudge work, I propose in this talk that we adopt a social engagement approach to find, retain, and enrich audiences of digital scholarship, demonstrating this through two projects, Letters of 1916 and Contested Memories: The Battle of Mount Street Bridge’.

Peter Verhaar

PhD Defense: Quantitative Hermeneutics: Affordances and Limitations of Algorithmic Criticism

Supervisors: Prof. A van der Weel & Prof. K van Dalen-Oskam

starts at 13.45 in the Academiegebouw, Rapenburg 73, Leiden