CLICKNL, the Dutch Creative Industries Knowledge & Innovation Network, stimulates cooperation and (scholarly) projects between knowledge institutions, creative companies and governmental organisations. CLICKNL supports the goals of in the field of research in, about and together with the creative industries.

Digital Humanities Research Agenda

CLICKNL has strong links with some routes in the National Science Agenda, specifically:

  • Living History. The meaning of the past in and for our innovative society
  • Value creation through access to and use of Big Data
  • Resilient Societies, Smart Industry, Smart liveable cities, Circular economy, Art and Innovation


Dr Patricia Alkhoven, Meertens Instituut (KNAW)

Oudezijds Achterburgwal 185, 1012 DK, Amsterdam

Mail address: Postbus 10855, 1001 EW, Amsterdam

Tel:        06-52456328

Central Themes

  • Create Health
  • Smart Society
  • Circular Economy
  • Security
  • Smart Industry
  • Create Energy
  • Virtual Worlds
  • Digital Heritage
  • Connected data
  • Re-use and re-development

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