CLARIAH Toog Day: 9 March

As a project, CLARIAH is at 3/4; the current phase will end at the beginning of 2019. The main goal of this “Toog Dag” is to show the audience the current state of the project, what has been done so far and the initiatives for the coming period:

  • what has been done?
  • what is available right now?
  • who is using the CLARIAH-infrastructure?

To clarify what is happening in the CLARIAH-community there will be a demonstration session during the lunch break where various researchers from the humanities and the computer sciences, will demonstrate what already can be done.

Finally, the projects granted for the CLARIAH Research Pilot and the National Archives will give a short pitch about their projects.

To strengthen the cooperation with The National Library (KB) and the Network Digital Heritage (NDE) in CLARIAH-PLUS, that will hopefully granted this year, we are happy to announce as our keynote speakers: Enno Meijers (KB) and Wilbert Helmus (NDE).


More information and the registration page can be found here.