Funding availalbe for CLARIAH-related research

CLARIAH-Core call closes on 7 November 2016
CLARIAH-NLeSC call closes on 15 November 2016

Two different calls – check CLARIAH website and look at menu on the left

Pilot Projects

The CLARIAH-CORE project designs, constructs and exploits the Netherlands parts of the European CLARIN and DARIAH research infrastructures. It has filled this research infrastructure with a wide variety of CLARIAH components, which include generic infrastructure services, data such as databases, textual resources and audio-visual resources, and software applications and services that can be applied to these data for searching, analysis, enrichment, conversion, combining, visualization and other purposes. See here for an indicative list of CLARIAH components.


The purpose of this Call for Proposals is to enable researchers working in the Arts and Humanities to address compute-intensive and/or data-driven problems within their research and to contribute to a generic and sustainable eScience infrastructure.

To allow all interested applicants to get acquainted with the approach and structure of the Netherlands eScience Center, the role of the eScience Research Engineers, with CLARIAH and with the technologies being implemented and applied by the NL eScience Center and CLARIAH, an information event will be organized at the eScience Center on 1 November 2016, 13:30 – 16:30 (no registration required).

more information is on the CLARIAH website