Linked data: is it for me? New Trends in eHumanities

Christophe Guéret, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and e-Humanities Group and Clement Levallois, Erasmus University Rotterdam


November 22, 2012


Workshop on Linked Data: “Linked Data: Is It For Me?”

This workshop takes place on Thursday Nov 22, 2012 (1pm -> 4pm) in the symposium room of the Meertens Institute.– Participation is free — Limited number of seats, register now! — Please bring a laptop (for very simple operations, no coding skill will be needed). — Content: Presentation of the principles of linked data: definitions, examples of use cases, clarifications of how “linked data” relate to the “semantic web”. — Format: Hands-on session where the principles of linked data will be illustrated in a small project conducted in teams by the participants, in parallel with a presentation. Q&A are encouraged during the workshop. —


Christophe Guéret is a postdoc from the eHumanities group working on the project CEDAR. Besides this project about the publication of the Dutch census data as Linked Data, he is active in several Linked Data activities related to putting that technology in use.

Clement Levallois is a historian of science with interests in network analysis, text processing and other compartments of the digital humanities. He co-organized a workshop on “Data visualization for the Digital Humanities” in January 2012 at the e-Humanities group. Clement is based at Erasmus University Rotterdam and is an Associate Researcher of the eHumanities group of the KNAW.

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(Presentation slides)