Cultural Heritage in the Digital Age: Memory, Humanities & Technologies

31 January-2 February 2018 in Bari. Deadline for abstracts is 30 September.

The main topic of the AIUCD 2018 Conference is Cultural Heritage in the Digital Age. Memory, Humanities and Technologies. The topic brings together interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary fields, and examines the role of cultural heritage in all its aspects in the digital age, the way in which the study and scientific research of humanistic knowledge (literary, historical, artistic, archaeological and philosophical) combines with different methodologies, logic and computer technologies and various types of media and digital resources. It also concerns the critical problems of digital memory, the re-thinking of contemporary digital culture the changing definition, enhancement, research and conservation of cultural heritage in the digital era, as well as the digital rebirth of humanistic culture.

Possible topics

  • Interaction and integration of methods of statistical/quantitative analysis and formal logic methods in Humanities.
  • Semantic web technologies and Linked Open Data in Humanities.
  • Quantitative and stylometric analysis, topic modelling and clustering for literary texts, archival documents and cultural objects.
  • Authorship attribution and automatic text classification.
  • Applications of, and experiments with, data mining methodologies in historical, artistic and archaeological research.
  • Network analysis and sentiment analysis applied to the Humanities.
  • Interaction between Natural Language Processing technologies and data mining in the Humanities.
  • Methods and techniques of visualization and their impact on knowledge transfer in Cultural Heritage and in the Humanities.
  • Methodologies and applications of Natural Language and Text Processing of corpora in the Humanities.
  • Computational analysis of multimedia resources: images, audio and video.
  • Sustainability problems and strategies for research data: persistence, provenance and authenticity.
  • Cultural and social impact of Humanities research produced with computational methods.
  • Big Data methods and technologies in Cultural Heritage and in the Humanities.
  • Internet of Things for Cultural Heritage and the Humanities.
  • Landscape and long-term settlement: prospects and potential of digital cartography.
  • Public use, dissemination and didactic mediation of humanistic cultures in the digital age.
  • Digital narrative methods and techniques: storytelling and place telling.
  • Methodologies and technologies of the digitization process for the production and preservation of digital cultural heritage.

Practical details

The deadline for submitting proposals is September 30th (midnight) 2017.

Notifications of acceptance will be sent to the authors by October 30th 2017.

The official languages of the Conference are Italian and English. However, it is possible to present in other languages if English slides are provided.

Proposals must be sent in the form of an extended abstract, using the ConfTool conference management system.

The Conference provides the following proposal categories:

  • long proposal (30 mins: 20 mins + 10 mins for for questions and answers)
  • short proposal (20 mins: 15 mins + 5 mins for questions and answers)
  • panel (90 mins, including questions and answers)
  • poster
  • workshop and tutorial

More details can be found on the conference website.