Professor and Founding Director of the Centre for Digital Scholarship

University of Edinburgh. Deadline for applications is 3 May 2017

Be part of the Edinburgh Futures Institute (to launch in 2021) and Edinburgh Data Science

Full details of the position and how to apply can be found here.

Role of the Professor and Founding Director of the Centre:

• set a strategic vision for the establishment of a multi-disciplinary Centre and to oversee the implementation of that vision;

• oversee and coordinate a programme of academically rigorous, inter-disciplinary research, education and knowledge exchange in the digital arts, humanities and social sciences;

• serve as an advocate and ambassador for the College’s work in this area, raising its profile across the University (particularly as part of the Edinburgh Data Science initiative), nationally and internationally.

• support colleagues to attract income, and build partnerships with a broad range of internal and external audiences in the arts, humanities and social science aspects of data science;

• oversee the successful delivery of the Centre’s knowledge exchange, engagement, postgraduate and professional education programmes (on campus and online) and support the staff development and training programme already established in digital scholarship

• lead the Centre through effective convening of steering and advisory groups, liaising appropriately with colleagues within the College and across the University and establishing an inclusive and welcoming approach to collaborations between Schools and with external partners

Requirements of successful candidate:

• have an outstanding track record of successful leadership in the field of digital arts, humanities and social sciences

• have an outstanding personal research and education record and clear plans for how this might be developed at Edinburgh given the opportunities for collaboration

• have demonstrated the ability to lead others in the development of a programme of academically rigorous, inter- and/or multi-disciplinary research and education

• be able to command credibility amongst both senior figures in academia (across a range of disciplinary areas) and external industry partners both nationally and internationally

• have a track record of serving as an advocate and ambassador for a Centre across an institution and externally, raising its profile and attracting significant income

• have an excellent track record of developing and delivering a communication strategy for the work of a Centre

• be a self-starter with an open, entrepreneurial working style