Digital Thursday: A New Historical Atlas of the Low Countries, with Rombert Stampel, IISH

Thursday 15 June 2017, 15:00-17:00, room A8 (Academy Building), Groningen

With the advent of the computer, techniques to create and analyse maps have developed rapidly, and increasingly are attracting the interest of humanities scholars as well. In contrast to printed maps, digital GIS maps allow the user to easily combine different maps or information layers and analyse these more thoroughly.This presentation will concern the process of creating a new, digital GIS map of historical boundaries of cities, parishes, heerlijkheden, and other meaningful entities in the Medieval and Early Modern Low Countries. Such a process involves the selection of sources, including historical maps, the drawing of digital maps, and the creation of a data model for the maps and related historical statistics. As the project is expanding, issues such as data curation and data access need attention as well. The ultimate goal is a digital GIS map of historical boundaries, stretching from the north of France to the Waddenzee, which can be used for various historical research.

Organiser: Arie van Steensel