New trends in eHumanities- big ideas in computing

Frank van Harmelen, VU University

April21, 2016. The Big Ideas in Computing (and how they are relevant to eHumanities)
Role of the Young Author on the Dutch Republic’s Book Market

Els Stronks, Utrecht University

April 14, 2016. Young Agents. Digitally Charting the Role of the Young Author on the Dutch Republic’s Book Market
Connecting space and time

Hella Hollander, DANS-KNAW

April 7, 2016. Connecting space and time
New trends in eHumanities- Marcel Worring

Marcel Worring, Universiteit van Amsterdam

March 31, 2016. Exploring digital image collections through synergy of expert and machine
New trends in eHumanities- Pop Culture and Scholarly Communication

Daniel Powell, King’s College London and University of Victoria

March 3, 2016. Collaborative Production in Digital Spaces: Pop Culture and Scholarly Communication
New trends in eHumanities - America

Melvin Wevers, Utrecht University

February 25, 2016. Doing Digital History Iteratively: Combining computational and traditional techniques to analyze the United States as a reference culture
New trends in eHumanities - Sloan_Digital_Sky_Survey

Ashley Sands and Milena Golshan, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Fenbruary 18, 2016. Case studies of data practices in distributed research collaborations
New trends in eHumanities - comparison of methods

Andrea Scharnhorst, DANS&eHg- KNAW and Shenghui Wang and Rob Koopman, OCLC (Leiden office)

February 11, 2016. Comparison of methods – an unloved duty? Examples from an ongoing bibliometric study.

Patricia Alkhoven, Meertens Institute and Arjen van Hessen, Twente University

January 21, 2016. What can CLARIAH do to improve YOUR research?
Digitizing the transnational history of social reform-New Trends in eHumanities

Chris Leonards & Nico Randeraad ( University Maastricht) and Pim van Bree & Geert Kessels (Lab1100)

January 14, 2016. Digitizing the transnational history of social reform
eHg annual lecture- Women and big data

eHg Annual lecture by Laura Mandell, Texas A&M University

December 10, 2015. Gender and Big Data: Finding or Making Stereotypes?
New trends in eHumanities- Katja Tolstaja

Katja Tolstaja, VU University Amsterdam

November 26, 2015. Mapping the Dynamics of Sacred Space in post-Soviet Russia and Ukraine

Hennie Brugman, Meertens Institute (KNAW)

November 5, 2015. Nederlab, looking back and looking forward
EHRI project

Conny Kristel (NIOD), Martijn Eickhoff (NIOD) and Mike Priddy (DANS)

October 29, 2015. EHRI: Connecting data, tools and research
Reassembling the Novel_ 1789--1914

Allen Riddell, Neukom Institute for Computational Sciences

October 15, 2015. Reassembling the Novel, 1789--1914
Visualising information flow

Henk van den Berg, Digital Archiving and Networked Services of the Netherlands (KNAW)

September 24, 2015. Visualizing information flows in a Trusted Digital Repository
eHg- New Trends in eHumanities - new academic year

eHumanities group – New academic year kick-off event

September 17, 2015. Presentation of Computational Humanities projects
korsakow- New Trends in eHumanities

Florian Thalhofer, Berlin-based Artist: documentary filmmaker and the inventor of Korsakow

September 10, 2015. Make the story lie less – by creating flexible films
New Trends in eHumanities - Digital Humanities as Innovation

Sally Wyatt, eHg and Andrea Scharnhorst, DANS and eHg

June 4, 2015. Digital Humanities as Innovation: ‘constant revolution’ or ‘moving to the suburbs’?
New trends in eHumanities - Visualising uncertainty and perspectives

Piek Vossen, VU University Amsterdam

May 21, 2015. Visualising Uncertainty and perspectives
On composer attribution

Peter van Kranenburg, Meertens Institute

May 7, 2015. On Composer Attribution
From One Sex to Two Sex Model

Almila Akdag Salah, eHumanities Group (KNAW)

April 23, 2015. From One Sex to Two Sex Model: Testing Laqeuer's Theory on "Making Sex"
New trends in eHumanities - stop making tools

Christophe Guéret, eHg, DANS, VU

April 16, 2015. Workshop - 'Stop making tools! nobody likes them anyway...'
New trends in eHumanities- Identifying Literary Novels with Simple Textual Features

Andreas van Cranenburgh, Corina Koolen, and Kim Jautze, KNAW Computational Humanities project the Riddle of Literary Quality

April 9, 2015. Identifying Literary Novels with Simple Textual Features