Call for Posters and Demos

The Soeterbeeck eHumanities Workshop will take place on June 13 and 14, 2013 in study center Soeterbeeck, near Ravenstein, the Netherlands.

The workshop aims to bring together junior and senior researchers in the humanities, those who are already working in eHumanities research, and those in historical research, culture studies, religious studies, language studies, etc., who are interested in the area and wish to get updated, educated, ask questions, and exchange ideas.

For the humanities researchers we will have invited talks that show how digitalisation and computational methods can be used in humanities research. For the participants with an eHumanities background, the workshop will offer a broad overview of what is going on in the field and to meet with the top players in this field.

We would like to go beyond a series of talks. We combine invited talks with “hands on” tutorials that show practical applications. Furthermore, we aim to create a meeting point for people from the humanities with people with a eHumanities background so that they can raise questions, ideas, proposals and cooperation.

The program will start with a global introduction on “eHumanities: the added value so far” followed by invited talks from different perspectives that highlight the possibilities and the success stories in humanities, and two practical tutorials. As the last session we plan to have a panel talk on “how to write a proposal for eHumanities research?” As there are so many ways to write proposals, we will have different speakers tell about their experiences, and the dos and don’ts.

We have chosen the Soeterbeeck Study Centre as a location. The former convent is a beautiful building in a scenic landscape, also offering hotel rooms for its guests and with easy access by train (station Ravenstein).


We would like to invite researchers in the area of eHumanities, people who apply computational techniques in the area of history, culture, arts and language to demonstrate their work with a poster or demonstration in the Soeterbeeck eHumanities workshop. We would like to invite the submission of abstracts (max. 2000 words) that describe the contribution.

Posters will be presented in an evening session, see the programme for more details.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

– Computational methods for the humanities

– Digital representations of research objects

– Automatic cleaning of digitised text

– Annotation of digital cultural heritage data

– Adapting existing tools for humanities resources

– Knowledge discovery and text mining

– Ontologies and thesauri


Submitted abstracts for poster or demo presentations should consist of a maximum of 2000 words.There are no specific restrictions on the submission in terms of format or anonymity. All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the program committee. Please submit your abstract digitally by sending an email to i.hendrickx at

Important dates

Submission of proposals for oral and poster/demo papers: 1 April, 2013

Notification of acceptance: May 14, 2013

Conference date: June 13 and 14, 2013

Program Committee

Antal van den Bosch, Radboud University Nijmegen
Sally Wyatt, KNAW and Maastricht Universisity
Marten Düring, Radboud University NijmegenTanja Döller, coordinator of the Graduate School for the Humanities at Radboud University Nijmegen
Iris Hendrickx, Radboud University Nijmegen


If you have any questions or remarks about the Soeterbeerk eHumanities workshop, please send an email at Iris Hendrickx, i.hendrickx at