Brainstorm Meeting – e-Humanities: Innovating Scholarship


March 29, 2011


The eHumanities Group co-organised the Brainstorm Meeting  –  e-Humanities: Innovating Scholarship, held at NIAS, Wassenaar.

Brainstorming on e-Humanities

The Organisation Committee

E-Humanities is a new field that will be able to flourish through the availability of new types of digital data and information and new ways of dealing with these data and information. Current ICT methods offer humanities scholars the possibility of processing huge amounts of data quickly. Being able to search far more data and to have direct access to data stored digitally all over the world will have an impact on the nature of the research questions that can be addressed. Moreover, the new methods of communication will encourage exciting forms of (interdisciplinary and international) collaboration. New research questions can be accompanied by innovative methodologies as well as novel forms of representation and outcomes.

Research in e-Humanities is currently an extremely ‘hot topic’ – and this has not escaped the attention of the research directors of the KNAW and NWO who have lent their support to this project. The meeting today is an opportunity to illustrate the wealth of ideas among researchers in the Humanities and Social Sciences. More importantly, we hope to show that bringing together these ideas can create a solid basis for building a large programme to investigate what can be achieved with e-humanities research.

So, today we invite you to take an active part in the workshops and brainstorming sessions and sincerely hope that this will result in your participation in a wider programme proposal that is planned to be submitted to KNAW and NWO.

This programme proposal for excellent research in the e-Humanities will set us on the path towards this new research field as it unfolds over the next ten years. Our main aim is to be able to fund a hundred outstanding PhD students over the next ten years. E-Humanities is unique in terms of content but can build on the results of its successful predecessors, the NWO projects – CATCH and ToKeN. Moreover, advanced e-Humanities researchers will be able to investigate even more intriguing questions with the support of high-performance e-Humanities methods made possible by the BiG Grid consortium or the Netherlands eScience Center.

In brief, the e-Humanities world is entering a new phase. This is what we will be exploring today.

The Organisation Committee

Alice Dijkstra
Jaap van den Herik
Sally Wyatt


Arrival and coffee

Welcome by Aafke Hulk, Rector NIAS

Six workshops and workshop leaders:

1. Music & Culture
2. Theology & Text Analysis 3. Enhanced Publications
4. Linguistics & Vision

– Henkjan Honing, University of Amsterdam – Eep Talstra, VU University Amsterdam

– René van Horik, DANS
– Antal van den Bosch, Tilburg University and
– Lambert Schomaker, University of Groningen

Brainstorm Meeting e-Humanities: Innovating Scholarship KNAW e-Humanities Group, NWO Humanities, and NIAS

A Modest Proposal for World Domination by the Netherlands in e-Humanities

by Rick Johnson, Cornell University – Keynote Speaker
Digitalisation in the Netherlands by Inger Leemans, NIAS fellow 2010/11
Six introductory talks moderated by Jaap van den Herik, NIAS Guest of the Rector:

1. Music
2. Theology
3. Enhanced Publications


4. Q & A: Linguistics 5. e-Nego-motion 6. History

– Anja Volk, Utrecht University
– Oliver Glanz, VU University Amsterdam
– Maurice Vanderfeesten, SURFfoundation

– Suzan Verberne, Radboud University Nijmegen – Marije van Amelsvoort, Tilburg University
– Suzan van Dijk, Huygens ING

5. e-Nego-motion & New Media- René Jorna, University of Groningen
6. History – Henri Beunders, Erasmus University Rotterdam


Results of the workshop moderated by Sally Wyatt, KNAW e-Humanities Group

e-Humanities in Belgium by Mike Kestemont, University of Antwerp

e-Humanities: Combining Forces into an Integrated Policy Vision by Demetrius Waarsenburg, Ministry of OCW and Sally Wyatt, KNAW e-Humanities Group

Closing by Jaap van den Herik, NIAS Guest of the Rector 2010/11 and Alice Dijkstra, NWO