Beyond Open – Implementing Social Scholarship

10 January 2018, in Victoria, Canada. Abstracts due on 2 October 2017.

“Beyond Open: Implementing Social Scholarship” seeks to highlight activities that focus on the engagement and implementation of networked open social scholarship. Networked open social scholarship involves creating and disseminating research and research technologies to a broad, interdisciplinary audience of specialists and non-specialists in ways that are both accessible and significant.

Focus on:

  • community building and mobilization
  • shared initiatives and activities
  • electronic scholarly production
  • (open) access
  • partnership
  • dissemination
  • alternative modes and methods, including academic publishing practices
  • shifting from prototype to production
  • social knowledge creation
  • collaboration
  • available technologies and skills
  • social media
  • public humanities

Practical details

Proposals are invited for lightning papers that address these and other issues pertinent to research in the area, as well as proposals for relevant project demonstrations. Proposals should contain a title, an abstract (of approximately 250 words, plus list of works cited), and the names, affiliations, and website URLs of presenters. Longer papers for lightning talks will be solicited after proposal acceptance for circulation in advance of the gathering. Proposals are welcome in all languages of our community; note that the chief working language of past gatherings has been English.

Please send proposals on or before October 2nd 2017 to Alyssa Arbuckle at

More details can be found on the INKE website.