CCCT seminar.

Axel Bruns lecture, Social Media Analytics

You are cordially invited to the lecture by Axel Bruns on Social Media Analytics, Thursday, 28 January, 16-17h.

The lecture will be held in the shiny new D-Lab space, room 0.16, Media Studies, Turfdraagsterpad 9, 1012 XT Amsterdam.

This lecture is part of the series, D-Lab presents… The series, sponsored by the Digital Methods Initiative, brings together current thinkers about digital research. The first lectures were given by Christian Sandvig on algorithmic auditing, Zizi Papacharissi on affective publics and Jennifer Gabrys on citizen sensing practices. Subsequent lectures in the series will be given among others by Phoebe Sengers and the artist Jonathan Harris from ‘We feel fine’, in collaboration with the Cultural Embassy Lloyd Hotel.
New Approaches to Large-Scale Social Media Analytics: Investigating Twitter in Australia

Axel Bruns

Twitter research to date has focussed mainly on the study of isolated events, as described for example by specific hashtags or keywords relating to elections, natural disasters, public events, and other moments of heightened activity in the network. This limited focus is determined in part by the limitations placed on large-scale access to Twitter data by Twitter, Inc. itself. This research presents the first ever comprehensive study of a national Twittersphere as an entity in its own right. It examines the structure of the follower network amongst some 2.8 million Australian Twitter accounts and the dynamics of their day-to-day activities, and explores the Australian Twittersphere’s engagement with specific recent events.

Dr Axel Bruns is a Professor in the Digital Media Research Centre at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. He is the Vice-President of the Association of Internet Researchers. Bruns is the author of Blogs, Wikipedia, Second Life and Beyond: From Production to Produsage (2008) and Gatewatching: Collaborative Online News Production (2005), and a co-editor of Twitter and Society (2014), A Companion to New Media Dynamics (2012) and Uses of Blogs (2006). Bruns is an expert on the impact of user-led content creation, or produsage, and his current work focusses on the study of user participation in social media spaces such as Twitter, especially in the context of acute events. His research blog is at, and he tweets at @snurb_dot_info. See for more details on his current social media research.