Annual Network Institute Event

Annual N
etwork Institute Event on 4th of July

You are invited to the annual Network Institute Event, on  Thursday the 4th of July, 15h – 17h.

De Tuinzaal (ground floor of the Faculty of Sciences)

The event is one part content mixed with an equal part social: three thought provoking talks on how to store, archive and share research data; project pitches by all the students from our Academy Assistants programme; a poster market where you can display your work; and we finish with drinks (in the garden!). More details below, but write this time in your diary first.

If you plan to attend, please mail, and inform her if you want to display a poster on the poster market.  We’ll print your poster for you if needed, just inform Elly before 1 July..


There are increasing demands on the transparency, integrity, and openness of our research data, and for good reasons. But….

If someone walked into your office and asked for the data from that experiment you did 3 years ago, could you actually find it?

In all honesty, many of us still have our data on local harddisks, our data leaves when a researcher leaves, and even if we still have the data, we can barely remember what that column in that spreadsheet was supposed to mean…

The Network Institute wants to help you in better archiving and sharing your research data. As a first step, we have invited three speakers on this topic:

15.00-15.30 Michel Paardekoper will show us what EMGO does to ensure high quality creation, archiving and publishing of research data. I was impressed with what they do, we can all learn a lot from them.

15.30-15.45 Antske Fokkens from the Language, Cognition and Communication Dept will describe her attempts at reproducing some research published by others in her field, using the original data. And guess how easy that was…

15.45-16.00 Ivar Vermeulen from Communication Science will discuss his experience with the open source data-sharing platform, as well as an exciting recent initiative: the Open Science Framework

16.00-16.15 short coffee break

16.15-16.45 pitches from the Academy Assistants programme

16.45 – …      Postermarket and drinks in the garden