Clement Levallois, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Clement Levallois, Erasmus University Rotterdam


November 28, 2013

Sociology of science as a breeding ground for tool building in the digital humanities.

This is a report on NESSHI (, a European project in sociology of science started in 2011, and on the tools for data visualization created in the course of this project. Most of these tools were built on top of Gephi, an open-source network visualization software. I will present in detail how Gephi has evolved to become a platform of choice for key steps of data management (not only visualization), likely to be useful in a wide range of scientific domains.

Clement Levallois is a research associate at Erasmus University Rotterdam and at the eHumanities group of the KNAW. Starting in January 2014 he will be assistant  professor at EMLyon Business School, in France. With a PhD in history of science based on archival work, Clement shifted to computational modes of research when arriving in the Netherlands in 2008.