Computational Humanities Programme- Annual Symposium


June 26, 2013

During this final, extended meeting of the academic year, the four Computational Humanities projects will bring us up-to-date with their progress over the past year. For each project, there will be a short summary and then one or two current problems will be presented. After the four presentations, we will break into smaller groups to brainstorm possible solutions. All of the PhDs and postdocs working on the projects will be involved in the presentations.

The four projects are:

–          Elite Network Shifts during Regime Change: A computational approach to network analysis using Indonesian newspaper archive.

–          CEDAR: Dutch census data in a web of global cultural and historic information.

–          The Riddle of Literary Quality

–          Tunes & Tales: Modeling Oral Transmission

Conference posters and recent publications will also be on display.

Note that the meeting will start at the earlier time of 14.00h.  The presentations and discussion will finish at 17.00h, and will be followed by drinks.