Frank van Harmelen, VU University Amsterdam


November 21, 2013

Who are the members of ABBA? or: The Cluster Heuristic: How a simple heuristic can recognise correct from incorrect answers.
Wikipedia is a well known encyclopedic resource that is in widespread use, both in daily life, and as a resource for scientists.  But since its start in 2001 there have been discussions about its quality.  This has become even more urgent now that there exists a database version of Wikipedia. If computers send queries to this encyclopaedic database, how will we ever know which answers were correct or not?
To our surprise, a very simple heuristic that dates back to research in psychology from the ’70s are very effective in automatically recognising which answers are correct and incorrect, without having any prior knowledge about the topic.
I will present this heuristic and our experimental findings on its effectiveness.

Frank van Harmelen
The Network Institute & Department of Computer Science
VU University Amsterdam