Web Documentary
Digital Humanities
in the BeNeLux Region

There are so many definitions in circulation for this field we sometimes call ‘Digital Humanities’. But there are other terms out there, including ‘Computational Humanities’, ‘data-driven research’, ‘e-science’, and many others.

We, at what we choose to call the eHumanities group (eHg), decided to find out what some of those involved in the field really think of this phenomenon.

Benjamin Miller, from Georgia State University, who was a visiting fellow at the eHg in the spring of  2014 had the perfect tool for this investigation and for sharing our results with a wider audience.

Under his guidance, we used the Korsakow System for interactive filmmaking with the goal of making an interactive web documentary about Digital Humanities.

At the DH Benelux conference held in Den Haag in June 2014, participants were asked about their views and experiences with Digital Humanities by responding to one of the following questions:

  1. What was your Aha! or Eureka!  moment in DH?
  2. What’s your favorite story of success or failure in DH?
  3. How would you define DH?
  4. How do you see DH changing the world for better or worse?

Thirty-three scholars, from the Benelux countries and elsewhere, representing many different disciplinary backgrounds and methodological approaches, took the time to share their thoughts and experiences. This web-doc weaves their responses together into a format that you can now explore yourself, following your own interests. Enjoy!