Marcel Ausloos

Engineer, University of Liege
Associate Researcher, e-Humanities Group

Marcel Ausloos is a Belgian engineer (U. Liege, 1967). He turned toward theoretical studies of materials and condensed matter for his M.Sc. (Brown U., 1970) and toward statistical physics for his Ph. D. (Temple U., 1973). Advisors for the final thesis were R Simon, A. Baratoff, and K. Kawasaki, respectively. Thereafter, he has been applying statistical physics ideas and methods in various fields encompassing biophysics, financial and econo-physics, meteorology, linguistics, socio-physics, and many other non-equilibrium time-dependent systems, beside pursuing investigations on condensed matter, e.g. on liquids, alloys, magnets, ceramics, or supercondcutors.

After some time at Freie Univ. Berlin, he rejoined  U. Liege, where he did whole his career,  mainly teaching and performing some research. He founded the SUPRAS “horizontal” group of scientists belonging to various ULG laboratories with fundamental or applied science interests on ceramics superconductors. The research group culminated in a FNRS recognized Center of Excellence, SUPRATECS. In parallel, he initiated the GRASP, later on reforming part of the group to become GRAPES (Group of Researchers for Applications of Physics in Economy and Sociology).

He has much contributed to statistical mechanics theory through studying various disordered systems, which can be described along fractal and multi-fractal ideas. He has been much interested in describing non-linear and out-of-equilibrium phenomena, in classical and so called exotic  physics, through mathematical formalisms and simulation works.

He has nearly 600 publications, in peer review journals and from communications at scientific meetings, with more than 300 different coauthors; he has edited 9 books, organized many international conferences, directed many graduate student theses, presented many scientific contributions at meetings or gave seminars, and taught in many “summer/winter schools”.  He is or has been a member of the editorial board of various journals, and very often chosen as a reviewer.

He has a widely open interest in interdisciplinary research and has a well known track for research project management or leadership. He has been taken as an expert for many projects by various financially granting bodies and been recognized through several honoring distinctions.

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