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e-Humanities Group
Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

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Jeannette Haagsma

Organisation Coordinator
e-Humanities Group
Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

After studying Psychology at the University of Nijmegen and later becoming Drama teacher at the High School of Arts in Utrecht, I decided to become a professional sailor. After obtaining my certifications I became a navigation officer on board of seagoing vessels. While sailing cargo was challenging, I was looking for more. In all the work I have done I have organized and managed groups of people and the individuals within. Among other experiences, I managed an on-board project for German juvenile delinquents.

Later I found Greenpeace. I was officer (mate) on their vessels for many years, sailing the world seas, being responsible for safe navigation, organization of actions and sensitizing the public about saving our beautiful world.

My travels took me to Africa and there I lived for about 3 years in the Southern and Eastern African regions, working for a European Parliamentary association. I organized Parliamentary election observations in Mozambique and Tanzania, workshops for Parliaments and media personnel and large international parliamentary conferences. I also organized and accompanied delegations of African members of Parliament on visits to European Parliaments.

Once a while the sea would call me back and I would do another campaign for Greenpeace, for example sailing the MV Greenpeace to China for the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty in 1996. Looking for some roots again I came back to Amsterdam and worked in the Greenpeace International office as Campaign liaison coordinating how the ships could best be used for the campaigns.

In March 2006 I started working for the Virtual Knowledge Studio, being involved not only in the organisation of daily life events, but also organising very interesting and innovative workshops and conferences.

This work continues in the e-Humanities Group.

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